GMB host Ed Balls in tears as he opens up on 'struggle' with his co-star

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Good Morning Britain's studio was full of raw emotion as Ed Balls couldn't hold back the tears in a poignant interview with singer Gareth Gates.

During Tuesday's throwback slot (July 9), viewers were moved as Ed struggled to contain his emotions discussing their shared experiences with stammering. In a heartfelt moment, they embraced on live television, receiving an admiring gaze from co-host Susanna Reid.

Ed remarked in the retrospective: "You inspired me. I thought, 'If Gareth Gates can do this, I can too. And if he can be public, I can be public too. It was really hard, but I did it because you showed me how to do it."

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Gareth, clearly touched, responded: "Thank you for saying that, it means a lot," and added a touching, "God bless you, man."

Tearful, and receiving comfort from Susanna who felt "privileged" to witness such a moment, Ed could barely speak, leading Susanna to invite a hug, saying: "Aww! I feel like... can we have a hug? ", reports the Mirror.

Susanna declared to both men: "Nothing to be ashamed of. It's to be proud of it's part of your identity, isn't it! [Gareth] broke the ground for you, didn't he, Ed? There we go, Gareth, that's what you did."

Emotions continued to rise as Gareth acknowledged, "You're a role model for me now! For you to be doing this is really incredible."

The original segment was broadcast in November 2023, but this week Gareth returned to the show to discuss his stammer with Ed. Ed shared: "I had a call a few weeks ago from the newly elected mayor of North Yorkshire, David Skaith, who's had a stammer all his life."

"His stammer came out during his first interview, and I said to him, 'Look at Gareth, you've got to talk about it'. He's in Downing Street this morning with a stammer, and he is going to be another role model for young people."

"You can become an elected mayor with a stammer. You can be Pop Idol winner, the winner of Celebrity SAS. All of these things are possible with a stammer! " Ed concluded, as Gareth added: "You can also present every morning live on television, Ed, and I applaud you too! ".

Ed confessed that he relies on the autocue to help him, admitting he's "almost always" okay using that method.

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Social media users were moved by Ed and Gareth's honesty, with one turning to X to say: "Ed Balls getting emotional! ", while another pleaded: "No hugs between Ed Balls and Gareth Gates, why? No crying, why? ! ".

Another person commented: "I don't have a stammer, or know anyone with one, but I can imagine how many people Gareth is inspiring by just raising awareness and showing people that you can still succeed in anything you want to do."