Goat Born With Leg Deformities Improving by Leaps and Bounds at Kentucky Sanctuary

Lucky, a month-old Nigerian dwarf goat with leg deformities, was born unable to stand upright on his own. However, recent footage captured at a Kentucky sanctuary shows his mobility has been improving by leaps and bounds – literally.

Lucky first learned to crawl using his front limbs, the Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary said. They told Storyful that Lucky’s original owners knew “he would need more long-term care and rehab than they had the experience to provide,” so they sent Lucky from their home in Tennessee to the rescue, in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary said they “immediately began splinting his legs to allow him to walk correctly,” and posted video to Facebook showing the little goat’s amazing progress.

The sanctuary told Storyful Lucky will require extensive care in the upcoming weeks, including medication, therapy, and continued splinting of his legs. Credit: Butterfly Valley Rescue & Sanctuary via Storyful

Video transcript

- Come on, Luck. Come on.


- Come on! Hi, buddy, it's different. Come on. Yeah, yeah. He's gonna pee.


Good job. Come on, come on.

- Come on.

- Yeah, come on, Lucky. Come on. Yeah. Come on, buddy. Good job. Whoops. Good job, buddy. Good, good, good. He's got Sumo wrestler arms.



You did so good.