Gogglebox Jenny Newby told 'never change' as she shares personal update

Jenny and Lee thrilled fans on tonight's Gogglebox
Jenny and Lee thrilled fans on tonight's Gogglebox -Credit:Channel 4

Gogglebox's fans were in stitches with Jenny Newby's stint on tonight's programme.

The armchair critic welcomed viewers into her Hull caravan tonight for more hilarious observations on the week's best TV. Jenny was joined on the sofa by her longtime friend, Lee Riley.

Viewers were in hysterics as the reality stars commentated on shows such as the Eurovision Song Contest final, Bridgerton and the coverage of the Northern Lights. However, it was a moment as the two were chatting between shows that thrilled fans most.

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Jenny provided an insight into her life as she revealed a huge milestone is looming and she will soon turn 70. However, Lee was in fits of laughter when she revealed she hates saying she's 69.

Jenny said: "Somebody said to me how old are you this year and I went 69. She said 'my favourite number'. I thought she meant 99s at first and then I realised."

Lee grimaced after the comment as Jenny said: "So now I'm telling them I'm 68." Fans were in stitches after the exchange and said the two favourites should have their own show.

Mitchell said: "Oh Lee and Jenny please never change" Michelle added: "Give them their own spin off show"

Tom posted: "Dreading Jenny and Lee leaving Gogglebox at some point in the future. They’re hilarious".

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