Gogglebox stars debate who they'd be in Channel 4's Rise and Fall

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Gogglebox stars debate Channel 4's Rise and FallChannel 4

Gogglebox stars Jenny Newby and Lee Riley discussed which faction they’d choose if they were to appear on Channel 4’s new show, Rise and Fall.

The reality show, which is hosted by BBC Radio 1 presenter Greg James, started last Sunday (March 19), and sees a group of 16 contestants being split into two groups – ‘Rulers’ and ‘Grafters’.

The ‘Rulers’ are the dominant class, putting the ‘Grafters’ through a series of demanding tasks with the aim being to win the cash prize.

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Channel 4

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On the latest episode (March 24) episode of Gogglebox, Jenny and Lee debated the show in a brief segment, and revealed which side they’d gravitate to.

“You’re a good grafter,” said Lee, with Jenny responding in kind: “I am a bloody grafter. Look at them hands. They’ve got fricking hard calluses! Even my lifeline’s been cut.

“Look at yours – soft as hell. They’ve never done a hard day’s work in their life,” she gestured towards Lee, who was in stitches at her remarks.

The logline for Rise and Fall reads: “Anyone can rise to a position of power and anyone can fall, but only one Ruler can win the prize fund at the end of the game. Who rises and who falls will be decided by the other Players.”

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Upon the announcement of the series, James expressed his delight at being given the reins, saying: “I’ve been waiting a long time for a show like this to come along that I can get stuck into and be the ringleader of.

“It’s an amazingly mad idea and the contestants are going to make some incredible TV. It’s very exciting to launch something brand new on Channel 4 and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Let the power struggle begin,” he added.

Gogglebox airs on Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 4 and streams on All4.

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