Gogglebox stars' pay and how many hours they really spend filming Channel 4 show

The Siddiqui family -Credit:Channel 4
The Siddiqui family -Credit:Channel 4

Drawing inspiration from the Royle Family, Gogglebox has been a staple for Friday night entertainment across the nation for over ten years. With its unique yet straightforward concept, the show has introduced audiences to various friends and families who share their thoughts on the week's television.

The much-loved Channel 4 series boasts a large fan base, with certain cast members becoming familiar faces in British homes. But what's the scoop on the filming schedule for the Gogglebox stars, their earnings for participating in the show, and any additional perks they might enjoy?

Marcus and Mica, the adored duo who were part of the show from 2017 until 2022, once gave fans a glimpse into the filming process of the show. In December 2021, they took to Instagram Stories, posting videos from their iconic living room setup.

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The clips featured Mica requesting a variety of items from KFC from an off-camera woman. The woman responded that she would pass the order to the runner, reports the Liverpool Echo.

It seems this is the norm for Gogglebox participants, with delicious snacks provided during shoots. Reports also suggest that each household receives £1,500 monthly for their contributions to the show, no matter how many people are involved.

According to Metro, the stars of Gogglebox have to watch around 12 hours of telly a week, which is then divided into two six-hour stints. Channel 4 has previously clarified to the Daily Star: "The Gogglebox cast are filmed for two to three nights per week. We film them watching live television and some that has been recorded.

"The cast have received fees for their time on every series. The production team do not influence the comments. The reactions are genuine."