Gogglebox's Daniel shares unusual living situation as he reveals he split from Stephen 'months ago'

Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb
Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb -Credit:Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Gogglebox's Daniel Lustig-Webb has opened up about the reasons behind his split from husband and co-star Stephen. Daniel, who announced his split with Stephen in April, revealed the pair quietly went their separate ways ten months ago.

The couple, who were married for six years and co-own a Brighton salon together, realised that their love had faded and it was time to transition from partners to friends. Daniel, 43, shared that they had made the tough decision to end their marriage after many heartfelt discussions.

They have vowed to stay friends - and even still live together in their Brighton home as they search for a buyer and new pads. Opening up about the split and the reason why they kept it quiet for so long, Daniel told The Sun: "We split around 10 months ago, it's always a massive adjustment and it's been very hard for the two of us - we were finding our own time before we released anything."

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Reflecting on their time since leaving Gogglebox a year ago, Daniel explained: "We only finished Gogglebox a year ago and we were still going fine, but it got to the point where we needed to have a chat about this and we came to the agreement that we should start to 'uncouple,' as they say. We're doing a Gwyneth," he said, alluding to Gwyneth Paltrow's famed "unconscious uncoupling" from former partner Chris Martin in 2015.

Despite the split, Daniel has no ill feelings towards his ex. He explains: "When you decide to break up the love has changed and it transcends into something else. I'll always love him in my heart."

The pair, who would have celebrated their 11th anniversary this June, are preparing to search for separate homes. Thankfully, their adorable dogs won't be affected by their split as Daniel reassured fans they will be "co-parenting" them.

At present, Daniel hasn't started seeing anyone since his marriage ended, and he believes Stephen isn't seeing anyone either. Stephen and Daniel confirmed their split to The Sun in April.

Stephen said: "It's with much sadness Daniel and I have decided to divorce. There is, and always will be, a lot of love there but we've unfortunately grown apart and made the decision to part ways."

Daniel added: "We've made the decision with a very heavy heart to confirm our marriage has come to an end. I'm sure we will forever be friends."

Stephen was an original Goggleboxer on the Channel 4 show alongside then-boyfriend Chris Ashby-Steed. When the pair separated, Stephen appeared on the sofa with his late um Pat. Stephen's husband Daniel then joined the show in 2019 before the pair announced they were leaving last year.