'It is going to help so many people': Brian Cox and Cillian Murphy back our Winter Survival Appeal

Brian Cox and Cillian Murphy have backed our Winter Survival Appeal (ES Composite)
Brian Cox and Cillian Murphy have backed our Winter Survival Appeal (ES Composite)

Brian Cox star of the TV drama Succession, has backed our Winter Survival Appeal in partnership with Comic Relief, reflecting on his own tough childhood and how organisations providing respite in times of difficulty can “make the world of difference”.

The Scottish actor said: “I didn’t have an easy childhood — like so many families now, we struggled to get by.

“Having somewhere to turn to for help and know that people care is what will get people through the weeks and months to come. This appeal is amazing — it is going to help so many people. If you can support it, no matter how big or small, it could make the world of difference.”

Cillian Murphy, best known for his leading role in Peaky Blinders and Oppenheimer, also sought to alert people to the crisis.

 (Evening Standard)
(Evening Standard)

Murphy said: “The Evening Standard and Comic Relief’s Winter Survival Appeal will support families facing the most unimaginable pressure to provide for their children during the toughest months of the year. And importantly, it gives us a way to help. By supporting the appeal, we can get more food to people who need it, more support to those who are homeless, provide more mental health support and get more essential items to baby banks.”

Their support comes as fuel poverty charity National Energy Action warns that rising energy prices due to the new Ofgem price cap taking effect from January 1 will mean millions will struggle in cold homes.

NEA says a typical energy bill of £1,272 in October 2021 will rise to £1,928 in January, a jump in just over two years of more than 50 per cent. NEA said six-and-a-half million households will be in fuel poverty from January, two million more than two years ago. Last winter, more than 4,000 people died because they could not afford to heat their homes, according to the NEA.

The money we raise will go to charities helping vulnerable families struggling with the cost of living. So far we have raised more than £1 million, thanks to £500,000 from Sainsbury’s and £500,000 from Comic Relief.

How you can help

£10 could provide a nourishing meal for a Londoner every day for a month

£20 could provide a duvet and pillow to a young person helping them sleep at night

£50 could contribute to a new school uniform for a child fleeing with a parent from an abusive relationship

£100 could provide 400 meals for families at a local community centre

£300 could pay for all that’s needed by a family expecting a baby, including new cot, mattress and pram

£1,750 could get a truck packed with enough food for 7,000 meals

In a nutshell

We have partnered with Comic Relief to launch our Winter Survival Appeal Christmas Campaign, with Comic Relief pledging £500,000 to kick off our fund. The money we raise will help fund charities in London and across the country helping people who are struggling with the cost of living crisis

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