Is it going to snow in London this week? Met Office issues warning as UK temperatures are set to drop

East London is likely to get most of any snow that falls in the capital (AP)
East London is likely to get most of any snow that falls in the capital (AP)

The Met Office has warned that London could soon have a brief but cold flurry of snow.

Spring is not here quite yet as the forecasters warned that a brief spell of the white stuff could blanket the capital as temperatures look set to plummet, starting up north.

But despite the forecasts showing a snow shower for more northern parts of the country, are we likely to see snowflakes cover London?

What is the London weather looking like this week?

Things are looking rainy in the capital over the next couple of days from Wednesday February 28 to Thursday February 29 but, as March approaches, soon could some snowy weather.

The Met Office said this is likely to be primarily over east London, stretching over parts of south and north London too. Nearby East Anglia looks to be worst hit with a band of snowy weather forecast over Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

Afterwards, the weather will be remarkably dry for over a week, before we're covered in rain on Saturday March 9.

The Met Office site says: “On Thursday there is set to be rain in the South-East, with drier spells further north. Showers in the West which can turn wintry in the north and on high ground. Drier towards the North-East.

The outlook for Friday to Sunday is it turning colder and more unsettled on Friday and Saturday, with heavy rain in some places. There is a risk of sleet and hill snow, possibly reaching lower levels.