Going To Gigs On A Regular Basis Makes You A Happier Person


Spent most of your summer standing in a muddy field listening to some of the biggest bands on the planet?

Well, it seems like you’re doing your mental wellbeing a whole load of good - a study has found that regularly watching live music will make you happier.

Researchers from Victoria Deakin University in Australia interviewed 1,000 Australians and asked them about how often they head to see their favourite artists in a live environment.

They found that those who reacted with music by ‘dancing or attending musical events’ were likely to be happier people.


What’s more, it’s even better to go with your mates, as the happiness increases if you attend a gig ‘in the company of others.’

That last part makes total sense if you’ve ever belted out Mr Brightside with your arm wrapped firmly around your best mate’s shoulder.

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Strangely, those who ‘listened to music, sang, played an instrument or created/composed music’ didn’t have a increase sense of wellbeing.

In short, it’s the perfect excuse to head to The O2 Arena or Brixton Academy at your nearest convenience.

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