Golden Huntsman Spider Wraps Body Around Prey

A golden huntsman spider was filmed wrapping its prey with its body, moving in a circular motion to cover the helpless insect with webbing.

Lisa Van Kula Donovan, a resident of Torbanlea, Queensland, regularly shares interesting moments with her collection of arachnid and insect pets to social media.

In this footage posted to Instagram on September 20, she explains, "What you’re seeing in this video is one of my male huntsmans wrapping up its prey.

“Huntsman [spiders], unlike web spiders or orb spider that live in webs, have to have a flat surface — either the wall of the enclosure or I’ve seen them do it on the floor as well – to wrap up their prey,” she adds.

“So, in the video, you’ll see him kinda stick his bum, his spinnerets on the wall of the enclosure to put the bit of web on there. Then, he’ll do a circle and kinda fan out the web to wrap the prey up.”

Her Instagram account, with the apt title of wannabe_entomologist, boasts over 42,000 followers. Credit: Lisa Van Kula Donovan via Storyful

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