Goldie Lookin Chain releases World Cup anthem ahead of Wales game

Wales will compete against the USA in their first World Cup match (Clive Rose/Getty Images)
Wales will compete against the USA in their first World Cup match (Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Goldie Lookin Chain, the Welsh comedy hip-hop group, has released its unofficial World Cup anthem, Football Football Football.

The catchy hit simply sings the lyrics “football, football, football” over and over, and in the video, the group walks through the streets of Newport, amassing followers as they go.

The lyrics helpfully appear on the bottom of the screen, translated into a number of languages, including the Welsh “pêl-droed, pêl-droed, pêl-droed.”

The group also shared a message of support to Wales’s football team on Twitter, and said: “This is a message from the Goldie Lookin Chain and everybody in Newport: C’mon Cymru!”

The Welsh anthem was released ahead of Wales’s match against the USA, which will be the first time the Welsh team has played in the World Cup in 64 years.

The Welsh squad will face off with England, the USA, and Iran during the group stages in Qatar.

While Goldie Lookin Chain’s new song is sure to be a hit among Wales fans, the team has chosen Dafydd Iwan’s Yma o Hyd to be their official anthem.

The patriotic song, first released in 1983, has experienced a fresh wave of popularity in recent months.

Singer Dafydd Iwan performed the song ahead of the FIFA World Cup play-off semi-final against Austria at the Cardiff City Stadium in March of this year.

It also featured in the World Cup opening ceremony, when the flags and football shirts of the competing nations were displayed in a parade. A clip of every nation’s anthem was also played, including Iwan’s Yma o Hyd, sung by a choir.

The lyrics to Yma o Hyd translate to “We’re still here,” and are about Wales’s resilience in the face of adversity.

It features the lyrics “the Welsh language will survive,” and “in spite everyone and everything, we’re still here”.