The Good Doctor releases final season trailer

freddie highmore as shaun murphy in the good doctor
The Good Doctor releases trailer for final seasonABC

The Good Doctor has released a trailer for its seventh and final season.

Ahead of its premiere on February 20, the ABC medical drama has released its first look at the final season which sees Dr Shaun Murphy head back to work following the birth of his and Lea's son Steven.

The trailer opens with Shaun methodically changing his son's nappy before preparing to head back to work, while Lea reassures him the two of them will be fine while he's away.

Upon his return to the hospital, Shaun finds himself facing difficult decisions after Alex Park and Morgan Reznick's adopted daughter Eden is diagnosed with heart failure and in urgent need of surgery.

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Eager to help, Shaun joins Eden's case despite a warning from Dr. Audrey Lim, who tells him: "I'm not sure this is the case where you want to start as a new dad."

The trailer then cuts to Shaun leading the infant's surgery, ignoring a request from Audrey to abort the procedure after things go wrong during a particularly tense scene.

Elsewhere, Dr Aaron Glassman is still distant from Shaun and his family, with Lea urging him not to cut them out of his life in another clip.

"Are you really going to ignore Shaun and Steve and me forever?" she asks him after they bump into each other in the hospital's elevator.

"I'm not ignoring you," Aaron replies, before telling her that her son is "beautiful".

freddie highmore as shaun in the good doctor

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The new trailer comes after ABC confirmed season seven of the medical series would be its last, with star Freddie Highmore saying that playing the role of Shaun has been an "immense privilege" for him.

"Playing Dr. Shaun Murphy has been an immense privilege and one of the most remarkable and rewarding experiences of my life," he said earlier this month.

"I will always be grateful to David, Liz, and Erin as well as the hugely talented – and lovely – cast, writers, and crew who made this show possible. Caring deeply is what got us here. Thank you to Sony and ABC, and to everyone who has watched along at home. With love from Vancouver… tequila, stat!"

The Good Doctor airs on ABC in the US, and on Sky Witness and NOW in the UK.

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