Good Morning Britain erupts into chaos as host forced to apologise amid tense row

Good Morning Britain was thrown into disarray as Ed Balls found himself embroiled in a heated identity dispute, prompting him to issue an on-air apology.

While presenting the ITV programme with Susanna Reid, Ed welcomed former Chancellor George Osborne onto the show. The tension arose during a segment with Conservative MP Steve Baker, who appeared via live link after losing his seat to Labour in the recent general election.

Steve remarked, "Thank God at last I'm free," leading Ed to question, "So the voters got it wrong in your constituency?"

Mistaking Ed's voice for that of George Osborne, the MP retorted, "George, I'm not having an argument with you. If they had told me they were doing blue on blue, I would have refused."

Susanna tried to interject with, "That's Ed Balls!" as Ed himself clarified, "It was me! " However, Steve persisted, "I mean, George, you and I have got a lot of history. If only you'd fought a better Remain campaign," reports the Express.

Amidst laughter from the panel, Ed apologised: "Steve, I have to just apologise to you and to George Osbourne. That was me, Ed Balls, asking you that question, rather than George. Your desire to lay into George Osbourne was so overwhelming that we couldn't hold you back. It was me asking! But apparently you think George Osbourne got it wrong?"

The spat escalated as Steve criticised both Ed and George for their past political choices, while Susanna and Ed struggled to maintain composure amidst the unfolding drama.

In a cringe-worthy segment, viewers claimed Baker was "having a meltdown" when he confused Ed's line of questioning for an interrogation by Osbourne, launching into an extensive tirade despite Ed's attempts to interject.

Ed Balls was forced to apologise live on-air

On X, viewers were eager to express their opinions, with one posting: "Steve Baker is having a meltdown on #GMB. Toys out of the pram." Another chuckled: "Steve Baker is not taking his loss well! " while another called him "so salty".

A different user commented: "Steve Baker having a meltdown on #gmb absolute comedy gold especially when he thought he was asked a question by George Osborne but in fact it Ed Balls. Then went on to blame everyone except Sunak and himself. You knew it was gonna be a good one when he said its a relief to lose."

"Steve Baker is really on one this morning isn't he," concurred another viewer. Yet, some criticised Ed for "goading" the MP with his own boisterous laughter, with one viewer complaining: "Ed Balls was entirely the wrong choice for #GMB this morning!"