'Good Morning Britain' star Kate Garraway broke toe hurrying through intensive care

Kate Garraway broke her toe. (PA)
Kate Garraway broke her toe. (PA)

Kate Garraway has revealed that she broke her toe while she was hurrying through intensive care.

The Good Morning Britain (GMB) star's husband Derek Draper has spent a lot of time in hospital as a result of his lengthy coronavirus battle.

And on one trip to see him Garraway, 55, ended up hurting herself.

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Her mishap came up on the ITV show when co-host Ben Shephard quizzed the star about why she was wearing trainers under the desk.

"I've got a sore toe, I've got a broken toe so I can't get in my posh shoes," she explained.

<p>Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard teases his co-host Kate Garraway for her bold dress and collar on the show.</p>
Ben Shephard teased Kate Garraway about her footwear. (ITV)

"I was carrying some kit through intensive care and I whacked my foot on one of those tables – you know those tables that have the legs that come out beyond it?"

Giggling, Garraway said she had to pretend she wasn't hurt because she didn't feel as if she could make a fuss about a toe when she was in intensive care.

She told Shephard: "I was in absolute agony and I really wanted to cry but everyone around me was so seriously ill I had to go, 'No, I'm fine!'

"I felt too guilty, you can't really say, 'Oh I've got a sore toe'.

"So I said nothing and I went to the toilet and cried."

<p>Appearing on a new episode of Love Your Garden, Kate Garraway was shown sharing her new garden area with husband Derek Draper who remains wheelchair bound after his well-publicised battle with COVID-19.</p>
Derek Draper has spent a lot of time in hospital after getting COVID. (ITV)

The TV star laughed as she said it was typical of Shephard to spot her running shoes, when she'd been wearing them around other people for weeks.

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"Most of the summer I've been able to hide my trainers under the desk!" she said.

Draper, who Garraway shares son Billy and daughter Darcey with, spent more than a year in hospital before returning home in April 2021 and now needs round the clock care.

He returned to hospital this summer after falling ill with sepsis, and Garraway took time off GMB to be with him.

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