Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroos at Perth Zoo Learn to Have Their Pouches Checked

Perth Zoo’s female goodfellow’s tree kangaroos tucked into their favorite tasty treats during pouch check training with keepers, footage released by the zoo shows.

Footage recorded by Perth Zoo shows one of the zoos female kangaroos being trained by a keeper.

Perth Zoo said the female animals undergo daily pouch check training.

“Not only does this build strong relationships, but it allows our experts to get up close to feel for body condition and even get a glimpse into the pouch to check for young,” the zoo said. “The training provides mental stimulation, and the tree kangaroos are rewarded with some of their favourite foods for a job well done – sweet corn, yum!”

Perth Zoo has bred four goodfellow’s tree kangaroos as part of its conservation work.

The footage was released to mark World Tree Kangaroo Day on Sunday, May 21. Credit: Perth Zoo via Storyful

Video transcript

- Good. Good, girl. Up. Good. Pouch, Molly, pouch. Good. Good, girl. Good girl. Good girl. Molly, pouch. Good. Good, girl. Yeah. Molly, far. Good girl. Pouch. Good. Good girl. Pouch. Good. Good girl. Good girl. OK, thank you. Good. Another one? Molly, pouch. Good. [LAUGHTER]

- Oh my gosh.

- Good. Good girl. That was a good one. Good girl. Finished? Molly, finished. Good girl. You promised snacks.