Google glass anti-glasses created, avoid being recognised when you are out

Google glass anti-glasses created, avoid being recognised when you are out

Japan's National Institute of Informatics has created a pair of glasses that could stop your face being recognised by devices like Google Glass.

The new glasses, which are currently still in prototype, use 11 near-infrared LEDs on the frame to shine a bright light detectable only by cameras using infrared tech.

The light source is good enough to block facial recognition algorithms the researchers at the institute claim.

The light, which is invisible to human beings, only works if the camera that is tracking you uses infrared technology. Realising this, the inventor of the glasses is already working on creating a reflective visor to combat it.

The reflective film, says the Japanese inventor, will offer the same results as the lights, but won't need to be powered.

The idea of the glasses is likely to be welcomed by those worried about being recognised in public by people wearing devices such as Google's new Google Glass device.

The smartglasses have the potential to allow wearers of the device to walk into a bar and instantly be told who is present just by looking at people.

Google Glass is expected to be available to the general public in 2014. There is no word on when the anti-Google Glass glasses will be available.

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