Google Photos AI editing tool coming to all users

Google Photos AI editing tool coming to all users

Google Photos users will be able to use artificial intelligence tools to modify their snaps without a subscription, the web giant has said.

Magic Editor is going to be gradually rolled out later this year to become accessible for all users of Pixel devices.

Anyone can currently use the tools on offer, such as magic eraser, photo unblur, and portrait light, but users do need to have a subscription.

Google announced on Thursday that the modifications will begin from May 15, the day after its annual developer conference, and then be gradually rolled out from there.

“With the right editing tools, your photos can really shine,” a Google statement read.

“Google Photos has several features to help you enhance your pictures without pro-level editing skills, from removing a distraction in the background to unblurring a fuzzy shot. And now we’re bringing those capabilities to even more people.”

Last year, Google launched Magic Editor on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro – which are both tools that users found handy to quickly change around their photos.

It can move subjects and also change the colour of the sky, as well as merging several photos to combine the best elements of all the shots taken.

“Look out for the upgrade in Google Photos to help make your shots picture-perfect,” the Google statement added.

Google added that all Google Photos users on both Android and iOS will get 10 Magic Editor saves per month. There are expansion packages that can be bought or obtained to go beyond this limit – such as the Premium Google One plan that includes 2TB of space.