Google is readying second Google Glass version for 2014, will be 'cool'

Google is readying second Google Glass version for 2014, will be 'cool'

Following its Project Glass foray into wearable technologies, Google is preparing a second version of Google Glass for 2014. The news was revealed by Dr Mary Lou Jepsen, head of Google’s [x] labs display division, speaking to MIT Technology Review. The Google Glass team is “maybe sleeping three hours a night to bring the technology forward”, the executive revealed during the interview.

Google has already confirmed 2014 will be the year Google Glass is released to the public. It's not clear if Project Glass that developers and Pocket-lint have had our hands-on over the past few months will be the version released at first, or if the second version touched on by Jepsen will be the version that heads out to the masses.

“You become addicted to the speed of it, and it lets you do more - fast and easily,” Jespen said while talking about Google Glass. She didn't name specific features for the second version, but it sounds like style will have a major place in the product when it reaches customers in 2014. Wearable technologies are similar to the different kinds of clothes people wear, Jespen noted. Perhaps we'll see multiple colours.

According to Quartz, she told an audience at MIT’s EmTech conference on Thursday: “If we use the automobile analogy, we believe this would be the Model T. It’s lightweight, it’s comfortable, it’s cool.” The Model T being Ford's automobile that revolutionised the industry.

To complement the release of Google Glass in 2014, the Mountain View-based company also has plans for an app store. There are several apps available pre-loaded on Project Glass, but Google wants developers to make apps like it does for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It was previously reported that Google Glass had popped up as a device option on the existing Play store, but the company has not revealed whether that will be the case next year or whether the intriguing gadget will get its own portal.

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