Google shutting down popular app from Monday

Google logo is displayed on a mobile phone screen
-Credit: (Image: Getty)

Google is shutting down one of its popular apps on Monday, with users being given an extra few days to move their accounts. The app launched in 2018 but its function is now being merged with Youtube.

It will disappear from millions of devices in the UK on Monday, having been shut down in the US in April., Peoplke who have hosted apps on Google Podcasts will be able to move them to Youtube before the end of June.

Google announced it was shutting down its podcast app in September last year. June 24 will mark its last day in the UK. Google Podcasts Manager will keep running until June 29 so users can transfer their accounts to Youtube Music.

One user write on X: "I don't care if I sound like a grandpa. Why does every music service so desperately want me to listen to podcasts in their app? "I don't want to use my music app for podcasts. I want them separate. It's better when they are separate."

Another wrote: "I'm still fuming about Google Podcasts. Trying to listen to podcasts in the Youtube Music app is frustrating at best.

"I love it for music but it needs to stay in its lane. Podcasts need their own environment."

Another added: "So Google Podcasts is at an end. Their solution: YouTube Music. Why... would I use an app I can't even use with my screen off? I'm not watching video, it's my overnight fix."