Google street view captures man swearing at camera for the entire length of a street

Sam Haysom

Swearing at a passing Google street view camera is nothing new — plenty of people have done it before, and chances are plenty of people will be doing it for as long as street view is still a thing.

But one man who was captured in Brisbane, Australia deserves credit simply for his level of dedication.

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On Wednesday, the following gif — titled "100% Committed" — began trending on Reddit's r/funny sub.

It shows a Google street view of Queen Street in Brisbane, Australia — and one incredibly determined human.

We went on Google street view and found the road, and can confirm that the gif is accurate and up-to-date. If you follow the pedestrianised area of Queen Street down from the Apple Store, that guy appears in over 15 images — fingers raised, every time.

What the gif above doesn't capture is his parting shot, when he finally heads off in a different direction to the Google street view camera:

Image: google

Let's go in for that all-important zoom:

Image: google

Still turning to swear at the poor thing even when he's halfway across the road. Now that is true dedication.

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