Gordon Ramsay pub squatters open venue as community cafe 'for victims of gentrification'

Gordon Ramsay has launched High Court proceedings after a group of squatters occupied his Grade-II listed gastropub in north London. At least six “professional squatters” entered Ramsay’s York and Albany pub, on the edge of Regent’s Park, early last week. They stated their intention is to use it as an arts venue and community cafe. Ramsay called the police last Wednesday in a bid to have the squatters removed, but Met officers refused to attend due to the occupation being a “civil matter”.High Court proceedings have now been filed by Gordon Ramsay Holdings International Limited, against “persons unknown”. The court case has been filed under “trespass” and is a bid for “accelerated possession to reclaim control of the property. The celebrity chef has hired top lawyers at Harbottle and Lewis to bring the High Court action.