Gorgeous beach that's just an hour from Nottingham that you can visit all year round

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Rutland Water Beach is the perfect place to lounge around on the sand -Credit:2019 Matt Short Photography

While Nottinghamshire is a delightful place to reside, it does have one downside - we're quite a distance from the seaside. Sure, the greatest coastal town in the UK is only a couple of hours away (Skegness, obviously) but that's still a bit of an ordeal in a not car with unimpressed children.

On those sweltering summer days, there's nothing better than lounging on the sand and usually, a trip to the beach entails a lengthy drive to the coast. Fortunately, there's a beach that's open all year round that you can visit and it's only 34 miles away from Nottingham.

Rutland Water Beach, owned and managed by Anglian Water, is a stunning spot to relax on the sand. The bathing and swimming area opens in July and August, meaning you won't be able to go for a swim yet, sadly.

The beach offers 140 metres of sandy coastline, Leicestershire Live reports. While there is no charge to visit the beach itself, parking fees apply. The closest car park is Sykes Lane Car Park, and an overflow car park will be available during peak times.

According to Anglian Water, parking costs will be £2 for up to one hour, £4 for up to three hours, £8 for up to five hours, and £12 for over five hours.

While everyone is invited to visit the beach at Rutland Water, dogs are not permitted. However, there are numerous other dog-friendly spots around Rutland Water for your canine companion to explore.

Trained lifeguards will be on duty throughout the summer season. They also regularly monitor wind speed and direction as well as water temperature to ensure optimal conditions.

Visitors are urged to heed the safety signs posted around the beach. In addition to the beach, Rutland Water offers a variety of activities such as walking, cycling, fishing, and watersports. The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust manages a nature reserve that houses the Rutland Osprey Project.

The North Shore features mini golf, Rumble Live Action Gaming, and a children's play area. While you're welcome to bring your own picnic, there are plenty of places to purchase food and drink. The recently refurbished Sykes Lane cafe serves a variety of hot and cold beverages and snacks.