Gorgeous plants to add 'instant' colour into your outdoor space until autumn

Yellow flowers in the garden
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Although the prime planting season may have passed, there's always room to inject a bit of colour with "stunning flowering blooms".

While many garden enthusiasts typically opt for roses or hydrangeas, there are other varieties that can bloom right up until autumn.

Charlotte McGrattan, hardy nursery stock buyer at Hillier Garden Centres, suggests five specific picks that will revitalise your garden.

1. Rudbeckia

The expert shared: "Rudbeckia is a hardy, clump-forming perennial that brings vibrant colour to the garden from mid-summer into autumn," reports the Express.

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"It features dark green leaves and produces upright stems adorned with striking golden-yellow flowers with a distinctive dark brown central cone."

2. Agapanthus

This plant forms a clump of green leaves and produces clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers on upright stems.

Its beautiful blooms result in a "long season" of "brilliant" colour, according to the expert. They are ideal for beds and borders and are a "real must-have" for any style of garden.

3. Verbena bonariensis

Charlotte explained: "With its tall, elegant stems and clusters of vibrant purple flowers, verbena bonariensis fills borders with charm.

"Loved by bees and butterflies, it's perfect for herbaceous borders, adding a touch of colour from summer to autumn."

This plant is stunning and adds a lovely splash of unusual colour to the garden throughout the entire season.

4. Penstemon

Available in various shades such as purple and pink, penstemons are especially popular due to their long flowering season. They will flower all the way from summer into autumn, bringing colour into the garden when it's most needed.

Bees are also drawn to the plant's delightful blooms, making it a great choice for any style of outdoor space.

5. Leucanthemum

The plant pro continued: "Characterised by its toothed dark green leaves and cheerful blooms, Leucanthemum produces an abundance of white flowers from summer through to autumn.

"These top summer plants thrive in full sun and prefer well-drained soil. Keep them well-watered until they are established and to encourage repeat blooming, deadhead the flowers regularly."