Gossip Girl Characters From Best To Worst


Six seasons of Gossip Girl gave us some of the most sassy characters, absorbing story lines and villains to hate, but not every character was perfect. Supporting and minor characters came and went but it was the main cast who made the show a must-watch for every teen. Here’s the characters ranked from best to worst. XOXO.

1. Blair Waldorf


Forget the others, this was all about Blair (Leighton Meester). She is, after all, the queen bee. Blair had her best and worst moments in her life in this show, but in the end, it she deserved her happy ending with Chuck.

2. Chuck Bass

Because… He’s Chuck Bass. During the first season, Chuck (Ed Westwick) was the epitome of a bad boy, but as the show went on, he developed into a loving character who eventually was the only one for Blair.

3. Serena Van Der Woodsen


Gossip Girl was Serena’s (Blake Lively) show. It all starts with her coming from from boarding school and ends with her wedding. Despite her troubles during the course of the show, she’ll always be a fashion icon and the centre of drama.

4. Nate Archibald

Nate (Chace Crawford) was a gorgeous human being and a great guy throughout the show. It’s a shame that they pushed him aside and gave him less to do as the seasons went on.

5. Dorota Kishlovsky

Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski) was the comic relief of the show who quipped at whatever was going on in Blair’s life. But she does gets her own story line as she finds love, gets married and starts a family.

6. Georgina Sparks

Georgina (Michelle Trachtenburg) only had a recurring role throughout the show but often popped up in the most random of situations. She’s the villain that you love to hate and her commitment to plotting was like no other character on this show.

7. Lily Van Der Woodsen

Despite her ever-changing marital status, Lily (Kelly Rutherford) plays Serena’s mother. She has up’s and down’s during her time on the show but overall proved to be a valuable character, especially when it came to acting like a mother figure to Chuck.

8. Dan Humphery

It turned out that lonely boy Dan (Penn Badgley) was actually Gossip Girl. That’s what puts him so far down in this list, despite the fact that no one really cared about the revelation. If you think about it, he did some pretty horrible things to his so-called ‘friends’.

9. Rufus Humphery

Rufus (Matthew Settle) was pretty likeable in season one as Dan and Jenny’s cool dad who had his own things to deal with. But then he married Lily and became her trophy husband, and his role in the show was decreased. He became one of those characters who was just there, but you don’t really care about them.

10. Bart Bass

Bart (Robert John Burke) was literally Satan. Having faked his own death and breaking his son Chuck’s heart, Bart comes back meaner than ever, armed with a revenge plot. He was melodramatic, vicious and attempted to murder his own son.

11. Jenny Humphery

Even when she was being nice and sweet, Jenny (Taylor Momsen) was the worst. Dan’s lil’ sis craved for the attention and knocked down doors to get it, only to be constantly put down by the wrath of Blair. That was until we were all thankful she left the show.