Gourmet Dog Food Pop-Up Truck Is Now A Thing

Ross McGuinness
The Wonderboo concept

It was only a matter of time.

We humans have gone mad for pop-up food trucks in the past few years, to the point where we’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to eat in a restaurant.

And now someone is catering for our canine companions to follow suit.

In Sweden, a new food truck has arrived on the culinary scene. And it’s for dogs.

Dog food company Wonderboo has set up a doggie food truck in Stockholm for pooches with tastes a little more acquired than Pedigree Chum.

Its tiny brown food truck, which looks small enough for a dog to drive, is the talk of the city, and is currently situated in the affluent Stureplan area. And if it's a success you can bet your bottom dollar that the concept will be seen in the UK before long.

The idea behind Wonderboo is to provide dogs with a premium product that ensures a healthier and more balanced diet than that offered by some pet foods.

In a statement, Wonderboo’s Magnus Rosengren said: “For many years we have fed our canine friends food from the major dog food producers without questioning the contents.

“Dog owners’ awareness has now increased, and the same high demands we put on our own food is now placed on the food we feed our dogs. I want to help dog owners give their dogs the best conditions for a long and healthy life while making it convenient.”

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