Government makes millions selling driver addresses to private parking firms so they can chase fines

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
The DVLA is making millions from selling details of drivers to private parking firms (Rex)

The Government is making over £1m every month by selling the addresses of drivers to private parking firms who pursue them for motoring fines.

The DVLA is selling off the details of nearly 16,000 drivers a day to the firms, according to the latest figures released by the government agency.

They show that over 1.4 million vehicle keeper records were sold between July and September this year – nearly 13 times the 111,944 sold a decade ago in the same quarter.

It is estimated that the total number of records sold by the DVLA could exceed six million in 2017/18, up from 4.7 million during the previous 12 months.

The DVLA charges private firms £2.50 per record, suggesting the agency could earn more than £15 million from the process during the current financial year.

Motorists are fined up to £100 for parking offences on private land (Rex)

Drivers being chased up are often fined up to £100 for returning to their cars just a few minutes late on car parks on private land like hospitals.

Some motorists refuse to pay, often claiming faulty machines left them unable to buy a ticket.

A DVLA spokesman said: “DVLA’s data release charges are set to recover the cost of providing the information.

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“Fees from all vehicle fee paying enquiries equate to only 0.2% of the total amount DVLA collects from licence fees and taxes.”

Sir Greg Knight, Tory MP for East Yorkshire will put forward a private members’ bill next year calling for rogue firms to be banned from buying DVLA data.

He said: “If a firm is shown to be a rogue company riding roughshod over fair play I hope to persuade Parliament that they should be banned from accessing DVLA record.”

Sir Greg Knight MP is calling for rogue firms to be banned from buying DVLA data (

The figures come as Christmas shoppers were warned to be “very wary” about using private car parks during the festive period.

Firms that operate the sites are gearing up for a “Christmas bonanza” according to the RAC Foundation.

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding said: “Drivers should be very wary of overstaying their welcome in private car parks by even a matter of moments, and they should not give these firms any other reason to come after them with demands for eye-watering sums which will spoil their Christmas.

“Private parking companies do not allow a grace period at the end of your parking time – even at Christmas.”