'Graffiti Grandma' Writes Anti-Brexit Slogan on Wall

A retired schoolteacher from West Yorkshire has gone viral after an August 2 video of her writing anti-Brexit graffiti on a wall circulated online.

In the video, Hazel Jones, 71, can be seen writing the words "Brexit is based on lies. Reject it,” on the wall of a school playing field in Wakefield.

Wakefield resident Carla Petts filmed the incident from an upstairs window in her home, and apparently, it wasn’t the first time, with the caption on her Facebook video reading, “Keep seeing this message appear on this wall… Thought it must be some youths writing it… Today I spotted the culprit.”

“I was pretty stunned to learn it was an older lady,” Petts told Storyful. “But credit to her, she’s still putting her thoughts out there and trying to make a difference. I think it’s fantastic,” she added. Credit: Carla Angel Petts via Storyful