Grammy Awards Red Carpet Winners: Did Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus Take the Top Spot?

An upswing in Grammy broadcast ratings and the power of stars in social media each played an integral role in the Red Carpet Power Rankings just released by Launchmetrics and The Hollywood Reporter, with Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo and Maluma among the music artists scoring big bucks in earned exposure for the high-end brands they wore at the Feb. 4 event at L.A.’s Arena.

Cyrus and Swift won two Grammys apiece — for record of the year and best pop solo performance, and for album of the year and best pop vocal album, respectively — while they also proved to be winners on the red carpet, earning millions in brand exposure for sporting looks that quickly caused a social media frenzy.

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Throughout this awards season, Launchmetrics and THR are partnering to exclusively produce the Red Carpet Power Rankings, which analyzes the brands seen at the major awards shows of 2024. Launchmetrics employs its proprietary Media Impact Value (MIV) algorithm to analyze and rank the brands and stars seen on red carpets, spanning five categories: fashion, watches, jewelry and accessories, as well as the top five women and the top five men at each event. The Launchmetrics MIV algorithm assigns a monetary value to every post, social media interaction and editorial story to determine a brand’s influence and has been recognized industrywide as the solution to modern brand measurement.

Among the most thrilling results that emerged from the Grammys: While powerhouse brands that have become staples of high-wattage red carpets performed largely as anticipated, a few surprises also made the cut — thanks largely to the stars who wore them, like Dua Lipa in Courrèges. Similarly, a simple mention on the red carpet or in an Instagram post by a star also unexpectedly vaulted some brands into top spots.

Check out the charts below to see how luxury brands seen at the Grammy Awards measured up and which star’s look was the most talked about of the night:

Fashion: Miley Powers Margiela and Bob Mackie Into Top Spots

Top 10 Fashion Brands bar chart and Victoria Monét
Top 10 Fashion Brands bar chart and Victoria Monét

Without a doubt, among the ceremony’s most joyful moments was Cyrus improvising, “I just won my first Grammy!” during her performance of the award-winning “Flowers.” Moments after she left the stage, it quickly emerged that she did so wearing a vintage Bob Mackie beaded bodysuit. Cyrus is a known fan of the legendary designer — creator of showstopping looks for Cher, Diana Ross, Pink and Tina Turner, to name just a few — and that’s why she requested archive pieces from Mackie’s 2002 “To Broadway With Love” collection. That included Mackie’s silver beaded and fringed bodysuit with a bandeau top and bare midriff, a costume that worked to spectacular effect as Cyrus sang her winning song. Social media and post-show editorials agreed, vaulting Mr. Mackie into the No. 10 position on the chart.

Another fantastic backstory contributed to Versace’s top position on the fashion chart, as Rodrigo noted on the red carpet that she had fallen in love with an image of a white Versace gown, worn by Linda Evangelista on Gianni Versace’s 1995 runway, and the Italian house soon granted her wish to wear the archived piece. Fold in Victoria Monét’s highly successful evening wearing a bronze Atelier Versace corset gown as she picked up three Grammys, including best new artist, and it’s little wonder the label enjoyed an MIV of $10.3 million from those appearances, winning the category.

Yet, it’s likewise pretty terrific to see brands that aren’t necessarily household names ascend to the top positions on the chart. Fashion fans undeniably know Daniel Roseberry’s artful work as creative director of Schiaparelli, while John Galliano’s most recent haute-couture collection for Maison Margiela has been met with raves for its overtly Parisian vibe, inspired by the work of Hungarian-French artist Brassaï. But then two of the most popular and powerful women in music placed these labels squarely in everyone’s living room, with Swift in a beautifully draped white strapless Schiaparelli gown and Cyrus in a “naked dress” crafted of 14,000 strategically hand-placed gold safety pins, inspired by a 1997 Galliano design. The two stars sparked conversation and a barrage of social media posts. The end result: Schiaparelli earned a media-impact value of $8.6 million, while Maison Margiela was close behind with an MIV of $8.3 million, giving the brands the No. 2 and No. 3 spots on the chart.

Top Five Women at the Grammys: It was Miley and Taylor’s Night

Top 5 Women bar chart and Miley Cyrus
Top 5 Women bar chart and Miley Cyrus

Exactly zero surprises are found among the top five women and the brands they wore at the 66th annual Grammys — OK, perhaps one sort-of surprise is among the list. Beyoncé eschewed the red carpet and was only briefly seen during the broadcast, cheering on her daughter and husband as Jay-Z accepted the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award. But the power of Queen Bey, wearing a custom Louis Vuitton Damier-patterned skirt suit by creative director Pharrell Williams, was much in evidence, placing her and the French house among the top five and earning an MIV of $3.1 million.

The winner of the women’s ranking was Cyrus in Maison Margiela with an MIV of $7.2 million — sparked partly by interest in how the dress was constructed from all those safety pins — followed closely by Swift (and her elegant Schiaparelli) with an MIV of $6.8 million.

Top Men at the Grammys: Maluma Instagrams His Way to No. 1

Maluma in Dolce and Gabbana
Maluma in Dolce and Gabbana, Jacob & Co. and Christian Louboutin

Some stars excel at doing right by the brands they’re wearing, and at the Grammy Awards, no one accomplished that better than Maluma in Dolce & Gabbana with a Jacob & Co. watch and Christian Louboutin shoes. So, it’s no surprise he earned the No. 1 men’s position, with $1.5 million in media-impact value.

That number and all those that follow on the men’s list also point out a salient fact seen throughout the Red Carpet Power Rankings this season: Women are without question the higher earners (that’s a beautiful sentence, isn’t it) in media-impact value. Case in point: Cyrus exceeded Maluma’s MIV by almost 500 percent, wearing a brand that doesn’t enjoy the mainstream awareness of Dolce & Gabbana, which makes the comparison all the more impressive.

Speaking of the power of fantastic women, Mark Ronson’s No. 2 position, wearing Gucci and earning an MIV of $1.2 million, could partly be due to his onstage banter with Meryl Streep — aka his mother-in-law. Ronson won a Grammy during the pre-broadcast for best compilation soundtrack for visual media, but his pairing with Streep was undoubtedly Ronson’s most high-profile moment at the Grammys, as well as one of the night’s most amusing segments. (Streep’s fab white silk lounging pajamas accented with feathers, meanwhile, was a custom look by Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino and among the reasons that brand earned the No. 8 position in the overall fashion category, with an MIV of $3.1 million.)

Finally, the power of Lenny Kravitz likewise made itself known in the rankings, as the rock icon fearlessly mixed brands in his clothing, a blend of Chrome Hearts and Rick Owens — which, make no mistake, is unusual in a time when many stars wear head-to-toe looks on red carpets. Kravitz’s popularity and his thoughtful approach to style combined to propel him into both the No. 3 and No. 5 positions on the men’s chart.

Accessories: Welcome to the Party, Larroudé

Top 5 Accessory Brands and Taylor Swift
Top 5 Accessory Brands and Taylor Swift

Giuseppe Zanotti’s top five placement among accessory brands is surely a result of Swift wearing the brand’s Lilibeth slingback sandals in black velvet — a beautiful pairing with her black opera-length gloves — resulting in an MIV for the footwear brand of $196,000. But the surprise of the night was Blue Ivy’s appearance onstage with her dad (Jay-Z, in case you’ve been living in a closet), looking princess-like and perfect in a white Vivienne Westwood dress, paired with Larroudé’s Dolly Boot, a platform style in ivory leather. The Brazilian-made brand, designed by Marina Larroudé, took the No. 3 spot among accessories with an MIV of $375,000.

Christian Louboutin, meanwhile, continues to reign supreme among accessory designers on the Red Carpet Power Rankings — and here Maluma also can be credited with an assist, name-checking the brand on social media while showing off his Aiglon pointed-toe loafers in black and white patent leather. Jon Batiste also wore Louboutin boots on the Grammys red carpet, while Cyrus’ Maison Margiela look included Tabi heels that Louboutin designed for Galliano’s collection. The combined appearances resulted in a media-impact value of $3.4 million for Louboutin.

Watches & Jewelry: Dua Lipa’s Stunning Necklace was a Winner

Top 10 Watch & Jewelry Brands bar chart and Dua Lipa
Top 10 Watch & Jewelry Brands bar chart and Dua Lipa

An early arrival on the Grammys red carpet — because she was among the first performers of the evening — Lipa quickly set the tone for the night’s metallic trend in her silver fringed Courrèges gown, a moment that also contributed to that label’s No. 6 position on the fashion chart and an MIV of $4.2 million. But any viewer who couldn’t take their eyes off her necklace surely wasn’t alone. Tiffany & Co. lent the night’s double Grammy nominee for “Dance the Night” a trio of stunning pieces from the house’s 2023 Blue Book Collection, its moniker for high jewelry. The highlight was without question her Pisces necklace, an exquisite handcrafted piece of platinum and 18-karat yellow gold and embellished with sapphires, rubellites and diamonds, including an orange sapphire that weighed more than 23 carats. Cyrus, likewise, wore Tiffany & Co., an Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff with her Tom Ford jumpsuit, and together they contributed to the house’s top position with $5 million in media-impact value.

For anyone wondering about the No. 2 and No. 3 positions on the list, look no further than the stars who wore them. Swift surely catapulted Lorraine Schwartz into the third spot, with the jeweler providing the Grammy winner with more than 300 carats of black and white diamonds, including a custom piece that spawned a multitude of searches for “watch choker.” Maluma, on the other hand, did an outstanding job showing off his Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette Rose Gold Ruby watch both on the red carpet and in an Instagram post that drew roughly 2.2 million likes from his 63.9 million followers. The price-upon-request watch is limited to nine pieces and is adorned with more than 420 diamonds and 257 rubies; so it’s easy to wonder whether the media-impact value of $1.9 million for Jacob & Co. would be enough to buy the piece — or if it would be merely a down payment.

Next up for the Red Carpet Power Rankings: The Screen Actors Guild Awards, which will stream live on Netflix for the first time on Saturday, Feb. 24.

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