Grammys 2023: Ben Affleck becomes internet meme again with bored expression at awards

Ben Affleck has become a meme again  (.)
Ben Affleck has become a meme again (.)

Memes of Ben Affleck looking bored at this year’s Grammy Awards have gone viral, seven years after “Sad Affleck” memes were all the rage.

The 50-year-old filmmaker was sat front row with wife Jennifer Lopez, 53, who presented the award for Best Pop Vocal Album, which went to Harry Styles.

Despite having the best seats in the house, however, he looked like he would rather be literally anywhere else, as his bored expression was caught on camera during Stevie Wonder’s performance of hit song Higher Ground.

“Ben Affleck is giving husband forced to come to wife’s office party vibes,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“Ben Affleck is the 8-year-old dragged to a wedding, wants to go home and play video games,” remarked a second.

“Ben Affleck is the only person I know that has ever looked bored during a Stevie Wonder performance,” penned a third who clearly would have happily traded places with the Good Will Hunting actor.

“Ben Affleck checking the clock on the wall,” added a fourth, along with a still image of Affleck to really bring it to life.

Others pointed out how it reminded them of the Sad Affleck memes.

That meme was inspired by a clip from an interview in which the actor looked despondent while promoting his movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with co-star Henry Cavill.