Gran shops couple who tried to sell newborn baby for £280

The desperately poor couple needed cash to settle their hospital bill

A young Mexican couple have been arrested after trying to sell their baby for £281.

The 21-year-olds are said to have attempted to give their newborn son to a woman for 6,500 MXN (£281) in the Ciudad Juarez area of Mexico.

The woman’s mother became suspicious when, two days after the baby’s birth, the couple returned home from hospital empty-handed.

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The couple – known only as Edgar Ivan P.M. and Norma H.H – told her that they had left the baby in hospital as they couldn’t afford to pay their medical bill.

The couple come from the Ciudad Juarez area of Mexico, just south of El Paso (Google Street View)

Ed Diario reports that Edgar Ivan P.M. eventually confessed to his mother-in-law that they had given their son to a friend, who had settled their bill in exchange for the baby.

The concerned grandmother then reported her daughter and son-in-law – who have three other children, aged three, two and one – to the police.

They now face charges of trafficking a minor.