Gran who uses hair dryer as pretend speed gun is ‘national hero’

A hairdryer-wielding gran who slows down traffic by pretending her dryer is a speed gun has said that children in her area now consider her a ‘national hero’.

Jean Brooks shot to internet fame as a video of her slowing traffic with the speed gun was viewed more than 33 million times on Facebook.

She said she has been visited by fans from as far afield as Germany in the wake of the video filmed in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.

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Brooks told the BBC, ‘People come up to me and hug me and say, ‘Thank you for making the street safer.’

‘As far as the local school kids are concerned, I’m a national hero.

‘If the traffic slows down nobody’s going to get hurt. I’ve already got a cat that’s only got three legs because he didn’t know his green cross code.

‘If we can’t be safe in our own streets, how the hell are we going to be safe in the world?

Brooks said that a hitchhiker from Germany showed up to congratulate her on her hair dryer technique.

She said, ‘I hugged him so hard I thought I was going to crack his ribs, bless him.’