Granchester spoilers leak as furious fans say 'it's not a good way to treat loyal viewers'

Fans of Granchester have been left fuming
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Grantchester aficionados are seething after series nine plot details were inadvertently exposed.

The beloved ITV drama concluded its eighth season in February and enthusiasts have been on tenterhooks for the next instalment featuring lead roles Robson Green and Tom Brittney.

Regrettably, devotees who've been counting down to the show's return were dealt a bitter surprise as spoilers found their way onto the web.

As Grantchester premieres in the US ahead of its British debut, online chatter among dismayed fans escalated, with grievances aired on social media platforms including X and Facebook over the glaring oversight. One disgruntled viewer expressed: "Shouldn't there be a spoiler alert, this hasn't aired on British TV."



Echoing the frustration, another added: "Not a good way to treat loyal fans."

While a third shared their empathy, stating: "This happens to us all the time, know how you feel."

Furthermore, a user hinted at alternative viewing options, commenting: "I watched on PBS."

Frustration is set to mount as the latest series marks Tom's final bow. Since joining the show in 2019 as Reverend Will Davenport opposite Robson Green's Geordie, Tom has captivated the audience.

Tom made a heartfelt announcement at the close of last year, signalling his departure from a beloved role to explore new ventures. He expressed: "I've had the most incredible time playing Will Davenport for the last five years."

Revealing his affectionate experience on set, Tom added, "I got to solve crimes with my best friend, and work with the best cast and crew I could ever ask for. I'll miss it more than anything. But it's time for the baton to be passed, as it once was to me, and I'm so excited for Rishi to join the Grantchester family."

While Tom bids adieu to the series, exciting news follows as actor Rishi Nair is poised to become part of the Grantchester troupe, taking on the role of the exuberant Vicar Alphy Kotteram. Fans may well recognize him from his stint in the enduring serial Hollyoaks and his role on ITV's Count Abdulla.

Grantchester made its season 9 debut on Sunday 16th June on PBS at 9 pm Eastern time, 8 pm Central time across the Atlantic. However, British audiences might have to wait until the next calendar year, per various reports.