The Grand Tour: Clarkson, Hammond, and May tease new Amazon episodes

The Grand Tour: Clarkson, Hammond, and May tease new Amazon episodes

Jeremy Clarkson has teased the return of The Grand Tour with a photo of him alongside former Top Gear buddies James May and Richard Hammond.

Under a caption reading, “Good to be back,” the three presenters are pictured in the Instagram post with their hands on their hips in front of a dusty road and three battered coupés.

Little more information has been given about the possible return of the Amazon series The Grand Tour, which the three started in 2016 after they parted ways with the BBC.

But fans are already excited for what this could mean, with one already identifying the three cars as a Lancia HPE, Ford Capri 3.0l, and a Triumph Stag.

One said: “Please never stop making TGT specials. My life is incomplete without y’all.”

Alex wrote: “You three together is just gold. Please never stop.”

“That Lancia isn’t going to last long,” another added.

When is the next series of The Grand Tour?

The traditional episode format for The Grand Tour lasted for three series until spring 2019, but has since been replaced with specials.

However, the standalone special episodes are considered part of a wider series and any further instalments would likely be added to what is notionally considered the fifth series.

All of the special episodes have been under the banner of the Grand Tour Presents…

It is unknown if any more adventures will be in store. It was reported by Variety earlier this year that Amazon had cut ties with Clarkson following his now infamous column in the Sun in which he poured scorn on Meghan Markle.

Amazon Prime Video has, however, given the green light for this special and, according to the Radio Times, there could be another three, all set to be broadcast in 2024. The website said the series “is expected to conclude” after the four specials.

Jeremy Clarkson has embraced farming in recent years (Ian West / PA)
Jeremy Clarkson has embraced farming in recent years (Ian West / PA)

What will Clarkson, Hammond, and May be up to in their next special?

Few details have been released about the next episode — but eagle-eyed viewers of the Instagram post have said it looks as if they are in Zimbabwe.

Having previously filmed in Namibia, Rwanda, and Uganda, the three could be testing their cars once more against the terrain of Africa.

Will Clarkson’s Farm be back for a third series?

Yes, Amazon Prime Video has confirmed the successful documentary about Clarkson’s efforts to run a farm in Oxfordshire will be back for a third series.

Back in February, Clarkson confirmed on Twitter there would be a third series although life beyond this is less certain.

Variety said that Amazon would not be commissioning any projects beyond what was already in the can but GB News has speculated that “both sides” are working towards more.