Grant Shapps admits he doesn’t have a heat pump – but insists he will get one

Grant Shapps insisted he is taking a "personal lead" on heat pumps - REUTERS
Grant Shapps insisted he is taking a "personal lead" on heat pumps - REUTERS

Grant Shapps has admitted he does not have a heat pump - but insisted he will get one.

The Energy Secretary will on Thursday unveil plans to encourage people to ditch their gas boilers and switch to heat pumps.

But on Wednesday night he conceded he had not yet installed one in his house, saying he had only got as far as having a survey done.

He told reporters: “On a personal note I’m actually getting my own place surveyed for a heat pump.

“I found when I was transport secretary that when I drove an EV it gave me insight, and I’ve had solar panels on my house for 12 years.

“It will be quite useful to see the practicalities of a heat pump system and how difficult it is. Maybe it will be difficult to install.”

He added: “I’ll take a personal lead in trying to understand the complexities of fitting this and making them work.”

Two years ago, Boris Johnson’s climate spokeswoman had to admit she drove a diesel car rather than electric.

Allegra Stratton criticised the infrastructure she said was putting people off buying an electric car.

She revealed she drove a third-hand Volkswagen Golf, and said she did not want an electric vehicle because she needed to visit elderly relatives “200, 250 miles away”.

She said that having to stop the vehicle to charge it would slow the journey down, particularly with two young children who might otherwise remain asleep for the duration of the ride.

Ms Stratton, who lives in north London, said “I don’t fancy it just yet” because she had relatives in south Scotland, Gloucestershire, north Wales and Cumbria.

“They’re all long journeys that I think would be at least one quite long stop to charge.”

Ms Stratton was forced to resign last year after appearing to laugh at the idea of parties in Downing Street during lockdown.