'Grantchester' trailer hints at love triangle as Charlotte Ritchie joins cast

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Charlotte Ritchie joins 'Grantchester' opposite Tom Brittney. (ITV/Getty Images)
Charlotte Ritchie joins 'Grantchester' opposite Tom Brittney. (ITV/Getty Images)

Grantchester has released a first look at series seven of the period drama, hinting at steamy romance and a possible love triangle as Charlotte Ritchie joins the cast.

The Ghosts star will play Bonnie Evans, the niece of detective Geordie Keating's (Robson Green) estranged wife Cathy (Kacey Ainsworth).

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It looks as though she quickly forms a bond with vicar and police sidekick Will Davenport (Tom Brittney) as the pair are shown in a number of intense chats and longing looks.

But other snippets from the murder mystery series show Brittney's character in a very un-vicar-like clinch with another new character, Maya, played by Ellora Torchia.

Watch: First-look trailer for Grantchester series 7

The pair enjoy a passionate kiss before another scene shows Keating ask Davenport: "You're smitten, aren't you?"

He replies breathlessly: "Oh, she's incredible."

Giving a hint of what is to come for his character, Brittney said: "This series really tests Will’s romantic life and relationships. A person comes into his life and causes a lot of problems because when Will falls in love, he falls hard.

Ellora Torchia joins the cast as Will's love interest Maya. (ITV)
Ellora Torchia joins the cast as Will's love interest Maya. (ITV)

"Then someone else comes along, who Will wasn’t expecting and they throw a spanner into the works and he has a real dilemma on his hands of what to do.

"He needs to choose between following his head or his heart."

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Ritchie's character Bonnie is a widow with a young son who comes to stay with her aunt and help out with the children as Cathy is trying to get to grips with life on her own after separating from Keating.

However, it looks as though there is still some tenderness between the former couple as one scene from the trailer sees the detective tell her: "You're always on my mind, Cathy."

Robson Green and Tom Brittney are back on the case for 'Grantchester'. (ITV)
Robson Green and Tom Brittney are back on the case for 'Grantchester'. (ITV)

Green said of his character: "Geordie is quite deluded when it comes to his relationship with Cathy, he thinks she’s just going to come back but the more time he spends away from her, the more detached they become and Geordie becomes more of a stranger, not only to Cathy but to their children as well.

"Everything that anchored Geordie and gave him his sense of worth and belonging and his reasons to carry on is disappearing.

"Geordie’s love for Cathy is as strong as it ever was but she has moved on, she’s liberated and found a new life and new freedom."

Grantchester series 7 begins on Friday, 11 March at 9pm on ITV.

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