Grayson man pleads guilty to sexual abuse

Apr. 19—GREENUP — A Grayson man admitted in Greenup County Circuit Court to making inappropriate sexual contact with two minors under 16 between Feb. 1 and Dec. 31, 2021.

Matthew S. Miller, 50, pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree sexual abuse.

When Judge Brian McCloud gave Miller, who is represented by David Mussetter, the opportunity to explain in his own words what occurred, his answer was not satisfactory for Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Joe Merkel nor McCloud.

"I used my influence to touch my two victims," Miller said initially.

When Merkel and McCloud nudged him to elaborate, Miller then used the term "hugging."

"Sir, hugging is not a crime," said the judge sternly.

Finally, Miller admitted to touching their buttocks, and touching one of the victim's thighs and breasts.

Miller will be sentenced on June 27 in Greenup County Circuit Court.

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