Grease 2 star Maxwell Caulfield, 64, says wife Juliet Mills, 82, 'keeps him young': 'It's spooky!'

Maxwell Caufield has been married to Juliet Mills since 1980 credit:Bang Showbiz
Maxwell Caufield has been married to Juliet Mills since 1980 credit:Bang Showbiz

Maxwell Caulfield is "kept young" by his wife Juliet Mills - even though she is nearly 20 years older.

The 64-year-old actor has been married to 'Avanti!' actress Juliet, 82, since 1980 and despite the fact that she is nearly two decades older than him, he thinks there is a "spooky reverse process" going on in their marriage.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', he said: "Funnily enough, she's the one who keeps me young. It's like a reverse process going on, it's kind of spooky. It's like 'Slow down, will you?'

"I don't mean in the age department, either!"

Meanwhile, the former 'Dynasty' star shot to fame when he starred opposite Michelle Pfeiffer in the 1982 film 'Grease 2' - which performed poorly at the box office compared to its 1978 predecessor starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John - and as he gears up to celebrate the cult movie with the 'Cool Rider' concert, noted that it has probably matched the original in popularity since its initial release.

He said: "Over time, 'Grease 2' has possibly drawn neck-in-neck in terms of popularity. It's really bizarre, apparently the show that we're doing at the London Palladium on Sunday is gonna be on par with the 'Rocky Horror Show'.

"I am shocked but it's nice to have made a film that has stood the test of time."

The Hollywood star also reflected that when he did his original screen test for the movie, he ended up wearing the jacket that John had worn as T-Bird Danny in the 1978 film, but recalled that some years prior, he was a cinema usher during a film premiere when the then-teen idol caused pandemonium at the launch of 'Saturday Night Fever'.

He added:"I did find when I did the screen test at Paramount Studios that I was wearing the jacket that he wore so I thought that maybe I was in! I was a movie usher at the Leicester Square Odeon when 'Saturday Night Fever' premiered. It was a big deal.

"The Square was packed with screaming girls and of course they were building up for John Travolta's arrival.

"He was almost like...not a star, he was a planet.

"I remember thinking 'That's where it's at!' and lo and behold about four years later I lucked in and did the sequel to 'Grease'."