'Great British Bake Off' returns: The biggest moments from the launch episode

The Great British Bake Off has returned for series 13. (Channel 4)
The Great British Bake Off has returned for series 13. (Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off is back, with the ovens fired up for series 13.

It's always one of the TV highlights of the year and this season looks set to be no exception, with plenty to see in episode one.

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Of course, one of the biggest things fans were talking about was the fact that the programme aired at all, as it is one of the few programmes not to have been cancelled or postponed after the Queen's death on Thursday.

Bake Off is back in the tent for another year and the contest is now underway - here are all the biggest moments from episode one.

The Star Wars intro

Hosts Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding love a good comedy intro and this year's Star Wars skit was one of the best.

Lucas appeared as "Luke Piewalker", while Fielding donned a Princess Leia outfit with bagels as hair.

Paul Hollywood was of course cast in the Darth Vader role, but it was Prue Leith who really stole the show as Chewbacca.

Meet the Class of '22

Episode one is all about getting to know the new bakers and working out who's your best bet in the office sweepstake.

Obviously, there is limited time to get to meet everyone in the crowded tent at the start of the series, but based on early tasks Dawn, Sandro, Carole and Janusz are looking like strong contenders.

Which leads us on to...

Everyone's talking about Sandro

Sandro made some of the best mini cakes in round one. (Channel 4)
Sandro made some of the best mini cakes in round one. (Channel 4)

He's one of the most accomplished bakers of the series - just check out his incredible potted white rose mini cakes in the signature bake - but that isn't where Sandro's talents end.

Host Noel Fielding hit the nail on the head when he labelled Sandro a "gym man", as he revealed he likes to work out twice a day, showcasing the results in a skin-tight top.

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When he's not training, Sandro works as a nanny with children who appeared to adore him, and as if that weren't enough, he told how his signature bake was inspired by his habit of bringing his partner a white rose on every one of their early dates.

Sandro looks set to be a fan favourite.

'Is the oven on?'

Some of the bakers fell victim to the nerves of the tent. (Channel 4)
Some of the bakers fell victim to the pressure of the tent. (Channel 4)

It's the sort of classic mistake that has every Bake Off fan shouting at their telly that they'd never be daft enough to commit, but of course it's a very different story for those under the pressure of the tent.

Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith gave the bakers no time to settle in as they set their first showstopper challenge to create a childhood home in cake.

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Most of the results were stunning, but two bakers had the added stress of whether their cakes would even bake, with Abdul leaving his mix in the oven for 40 minutes before realising he hadn't actually turned it on.

Rebs panicked that her cakes were underbaked, but ended up going too far the other way with Hollywood telling her she'd actually overbaked them.

Stand-out flavours

Janusz's bold flavour choices paid off. (Channel 4)
Janusz's bold flavour choices paid off. (Channel 4)

In the early days of the contest, it's vital to stand out - and using punchy flavours is a great way of doing it, as long as they work.

Syabira looked to her Malaysian roots by including flavours of the pandan plant in her signature bake, while Dawn chose lime and tamarind for hers, with both bakers impressing.

Janusz looked to Leith's keenness for boozy bakes by dousing his mini sandwich cakes in cherry vodka, but found his biggest hit with the judges in the showstopper where he went for an unusual combination of chocolate and soy sauce, which was deemed faultless.

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