Great News – Morning Sex Is Good For Your Health

More than a quarter of Brits (28%) struggle to get out of bed in the morning – so it’s no wonder many of us rely on a little pick-me-up such as coffee, a smoothie or even a cold shower to help get us going.

But did you know that having morning sex is also a great way to start your day?

Aside from the joy of the act itself, there are a handful of health benefits linked to starting your day with a bang.

Orgasms can improve your skin

Yes, really. Orgasms release hormones that can benefit skin such as oestrogen, which helps to maintain collagen. They also lower cortisol (the stress hormone that can be responsible for breakouts) levels and boost blood circulation, which in turn stimulates and repairs collagen.

Post-sex glow, anybody?

Sex can boost your immune system

If you’re in the habit of popping a multivitamin first thing in the morning, you may be happy to hear that sex can also boost your immune system because it triggers your body’s natural defences against bacteria, germs, and viruses. Result!

You’ll be in a good mood afterwards

Not always feeling your cheeriest first thing in the morning? Good news – sex releases dopamine (the happy hormone) which means that not only will you likely be in a better mood for the day ahead, but your cognition will be improved, meaning better focus. 

Sex brings you closer to your partner

If you and your partner are usually like passing ships before work, a spot of morning sex can be a great way to bring you both together, especially since sex releases the hormone oxytocin – also known as the cuddle hormone.

It’s a great stress reliever

Stressful day at work ahead? Prepare yourself mentally by having sex. A 2010 study found that pleasurable activities can reduce your stress hormone levels. Meaning, having sex and climaxing could put you in much calmer, happier spirits for the day.

It’s basically a workout

Did you know that sex burns around five calories per minute? This isn’t quite equivalent to a good gym session but it is equivalent to a brisk walk and, well, we know what we’d prefer to be doing first thing in the morning. 

Still not convinced?

If you’re not much of a morning person, we can understand why you may not find morning sex appealing, but did you know that in the morning, your body is ready for sex even if you still feel groggy?

In the morning, oestrogen and testosterone levels are at their peak and, according to a 2013 study, libido is affected by your hormone levels – so the higher they are, the friskier you’ll feel.

A great morning session could be exactly what you need to get going.