Great White Shark Lunges at Kayaker in South Australia

A fisherman captured the moment a great white shark breached the water and attacked his kayak paddle in Port Augusta, South Australia.

Video recorded by Matthew Gorne shows the large shark circle his fishing kayak before breaching the water and nearly biting his paddle.

“Oh my god. Steve, [profanity] had a go at me. He took his mouth out. It breached itself at me,” Gorne can be heard saying.

Great white sharks are responsible for the largest number of lethal and non-lethal unprovoked shark attacks on humans, according to the University of Florida. Credit: Matthew Gorne via Storyful

Video transcript

- I'm going on the rocks. Holy [MUTED]. Oh my god. Steve, it's kind of got me. He took his mouth out. It took-- it breached itself at me. No, it's gone now, staying in close. Yeah, I heard about that a few years ago.