Green Lantern Reboot Rumour: “Lethal Weapon In Space”


An intriguing rumour has surfaced as to the direction that Warner Bros and DC are taking on ‘Green Lantern Corps,’ their planned reboot of ‘Green Lantern.’

It was already known from the title alone that this new take on the cosmic superhero brand would be a team-up movie, as opposed to the more conventional solo approach taken on the infamous 2011 misfire with Ryan Reynolds.

However, JoBlo claim to have it on good information that the plan for ‘Green Lantern Corps’ is to make “’Lethal Weapon’ in space.”

While there are no direct quotes from the studio, it seems fair to assume this means it will be a black guy-white guy buddy movie in the vein of the much-loved action series which starred Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as mismatched cops.


The logical assumption, then, is that ‘Green Lantern Corps’ will centre on the two most popular Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, fighting intergalactic evil side by side, potentially with Stewart complaining about being too old for it (okay, maybe not the last part).

It is claimed that this move may be in part based around a determination on the part of Warner Bros/DC to promote diversity in their films, which may also see a big screen take on all-female team ‘Birds of Prey’ and the racially and sexually diverse ‘Teen Titans’ (which may or may not feature Ray Fisher, set to debut as Cyborg in ‘Batman V Superman’).

Prior to this, at least one Green Lantern is anticipated to appear in the two-volume ‘Justice League’ set to hit screens in November 2017 and November 2018, but it is not known yet which character that might be, or which actor will take the role.


It is believed that Chris Pine was offered the role of Hal Jordan, as previously portrayed by Reynolds, but turned it down in favour of ‘Wonder Woman,’ in which he will portray Steve Trevor alongside Gal Gadot’s title heroine.

Idris Elba and Tyrese Gibson have both expressed interest in portraying John Stewart, and Dwayne Johnson also hinted at possibly taking the role before instead being cast as Black Adam in ‘Shazam.’

The only live action actor officially cast as John Stewart is Common, who would have taken the role in George Miller’s aborted 2008 film ‘Justice League: Mortal.’

‘Green Lantern Corps’ is scheduled to hit screens in June 2020.

Picture Credit: Warner Bros, DC

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