Greene King pub staff and fast-food delivery workers serving KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut join UK strikes

Greene King brewery  workers along with fast-food delivery drivers will go on strike  (Getty Images)
Greene King brewery workers along with fast-food delivery drivers will go on strike (Getty Images)

Britain is set for a tough winter as ongoing strikes continue.

Now, fast-food workers and brewery staff have voted to join other strikers over disputes over pay, adding to a wave of industrial action already taking place.

It’s estimated around 400 fast-food delivery workers who are employed by Tesco have voted for the strike, with staff at Greene King following suit and also voting for strike action.

Delivery workers set to strike work for chains including Burger King, KFC, Wagamama, and Pizza Hut.

The GMB union said that around 76 per cent of the workers who voted in the ballot said yes to striking.

Nadine Houghton, GMB national officer, argued that a number of staff are being crippled by the cost-of-living crisis and “struggling to make ends meet” while Bestfood continues to profit.

“Now, some of the best-known restaurants on the UK’s high streets will face shortages over Christmas,” she added.

Unite – who represents Greene King’s brewers, state similar reasons for striking, adding that brewery owners are “incredibly wealthy” and that their “failure to offer workers a decent pay” comes from “greed”.

The delivery drivers and brewers join thousands of other disgruntled workers, including civil servants, civil servants, postmen, and nurses, in planned walkouts this winter.

“Unite, which is now entirely focused on defending the jobs, pay, and conditions of its members, will not idly stand by while a wealthy company tries to further boost its profits by subjecting its workers to substantial real-terms pay cuts,” said Sharon Graham, Unite’s general secretary.

“’Shareholders are trousering large dividends, while the people who do the graft are struggling to make ends meet,” added Houghton.

“All these workers want is a pay deal that protects them from this crushing cost-of-living crisis.”