Gregg Wallace wants the body of a 20 year old

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Gregg Wallace wants to get even fitter credit:Bang Showbiz
Gregg Wallace wants to get even fitter credit:Bang Showbiz

Gregg Wallace wants the body of a twenty-something.

The ‘MasterChef’ judge is interested in finding out how much more in shape he can “actually” get into after trying a whole load of fad diets.

The 57-year-old star told The Sun newspaper: “My motivation at the start was, ‘I just want to look better on the telly’.

“But now it’s, ‘How fit can I actually get? Can I actually have the body of a 20 year old at 60?’.

“I’ve done everything. I’ve done fasting, no carbs, low fat. You name it, I tried it.

“And yes, you can lose weight short-term. But it’s really uncomfortable and you won’t keep it up because you’re horribly hungry and miserable all the time.

“I learnt that it’s far better to wean yourself off the crap diet slowly and cook proper, healthy meals, as you are far more likely to succeed and enjoy the change.

“I’m not talking about lettuce leaves here, I’m taking about foods you want to eat.”

Gregg admitted he “wasn’t happy” when he was bigger, and he found weight loss “difficult”.

He said: “Some people say, ‘I’m overweight and I’m happy’. Well I was overweight and I wasn’t happy.

“And I say to those people, ‘If you could take a pill right now and be three stone lighter, would you take it?’ And of course they would.

“The trouble is, people think weight loss is going to be difficult, because they’ve tried it previously and they’ve tried a really restrictive diet that is uncomfortable."

The ‘Eat Well for Less’ host - who posted a topless selfie showcasing his abs two years ago, which went viral - confessed he feels “more attractive” to Anna, his wife and mother to their three-year-old son Syd, after his whole body transformation.

Gregg said: “I feel more attractive, I’m nicer to be around and, let’s be honest, my wife Anna is 22 years younger than me and while I can’t change my age, at least I can change what I look like.

“Anna and I bond over food. It’s our thing and we are both really anti-posh food.

“Tasty, simple food is what we are all about. People assume I eat fancy stuff all the time.”

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