Greggs axes popular pastry product for the second time leaving fans fuming

Greggs fans have been left saddened by the news -Credit:NurPhoto via Getty Images

Greggs has sparked outrage among its customers by removing a popular item from its menu for the second time, leaving fans deeply disappointed.

The high street bakery chain has confirmed that it has taken its vegan steak bake off its menus. This comes just four months after it reintroduced the lunchtime favourite, having previously removed it in 2021.

Over the past week, Greggs shoppers have been taking to social media to question where the menu item had gone.

One X - formerly Twitter - user queried: "@GreggsOfficial has the vegan steak bake gone again?" Another asked: "@GreggsOfficial have you guys stopped doing the vegan steak bake again? Been told that by one of your staff".

A third questioned: "@GreggsOfficial Why has the vegan steak bake disappeared again?"

"@GreggsOfficial where has the vegan steak bake gone? Don't do this to us!" raged a fourth, the Mirror reports.

For days, customers were left without an answer as more and more people struggled to get their hands on the vegan snack. However, the bakery chain has finally confirmed the removal in a statement released today.

The reason behind the move is to make room for a new vegan product which is set to launch next week. A spokesperson for Greggs told the Mirror: "Our vegan steak bake will be taking a break from the menu to make way for a tasty vegan favourite, which will be launching next week."

The bakery chain has not confirmed any more details on what the new product could potentially be - or whether it was replacing the steak bake with another veganised Greggs menu staple. It also did not confirm the exact date Greggs fans could get their hands on the new item.

It did say that the vegan Steak Bakes would only be available in stores while stocks lasted so fans would need to be quick.

Gregg's vegan steak bake is the vegan version of the chain's beloved meat steak bake and is filled with Quorn mycoprotein pieces, diced onions and meat free gravy instead of the traditional beef filling. Both bakes are wrapped in 96 layers of light puff pastry.

It was first launched in January 2020 a year after Greggs released its vegan sausage roll. It then removed the item from its menu a year later before reintroducing it again this January - much to the delight of fans who had begged for it to come back for years.

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