Greggs plans to widen 'little-known' sausage roll rule across the UK

Greggs has planned more outlet shops with sausage rolls for 46p. Greggs is set to open six more outlet stores in the UK with bargain sandwiches on offer for just £1.22, the bakery giant - which is renowed for the likes of its pasties, sausage rolls, bakes and more - has said.

Greggs currently has 45 shops open across the UK, but it hopes to have 50 in total by the end of 2025. Outlet shops sell food which hasn't been sold elsewhere, so it's nearing expiring date. Roisin Currie, Greggs chief executive, told The Sun: "We're proud to be one of the UK's largest food-to-go retailers, but one lesser-known part of our business is our outlet shops.

"Selling unsold products the next day at a big discount, the Outlets allow customers on a tight budget to enjoy their favourite Greggs goodies." At the moment, the chain operates uutlets in Newcastle, 403 Westgate Rd, Leeds, 1 Hollin Pk Pde and Birmingham, 130 Highgate St.

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Other outlet stores include Sheldon, 2178 Coventry Rd, Ward End, 638 Washwood Hth, Barry, 58 Holton Rd, Cardiff. 75 Grand Ave, Redfield, 209 Church St, South Shields, 4 Frederick, Howdon, 18 Tynemouth Rd, Hendon, 62 Villette Rd, Walker, 265 Welbeck Rd and Tipton, 162 High St.

Other branches include Leicester, 237C Uppingham R, Bradford, 45 Great Horton R, Preston, U1 London Rd, Nitshill, 401 Nitshill Rd, Parkhead, 76 Westmuir St, Deckham, 300 Old Durham Rd, Glasgow, 1843 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow, 126 Maryhill Rd and Handsworth, U1, 121 Villa R.

And other branches are Woolston, U4, 33 Victoria R, Hednesford, 61 Market St, Southampton, 453 Millbrook, Canning Town, Hermit Road, Sheffield, 829 Barnsley Rd, Glasgow, 19 Saltmarket, London, 5 Cundy Road, Gorbals, 169 Crown St and Rednal, 10 Arden Rd.

And other outlets are Oldham, 23 Henshaw Street, Plaistow, 107 Plaistow Rd, Edmonton, 235 Bounces Rd, Cardiff, St Mellons.