Grey's Anatomy teases new love interest for Jo Wilson

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Grey's Jo Wilson gets new love interestABC

Grey's Anatomy season 19 episode 17 spoilers ahead.

Grey's Anatomy character Jo Wilson could have romance in her future following the arrival of a new love interest, injured Air Force pilot Sam Sutton.

'Come Fly With Me' aired in the US yesterday (May 4), and the episode saw Sam (played by Mad Men star Sam Page) immediately start flirting with Jo when he was brought into the hospital for life-saving surgery.

"This may come across as forward but I might be dying in the next 18 hours, so I'm going to ask, are you single?" he said from a hospital bed.

"Remember I might be dying so if you're not, you could lie."

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"I'm single," Jo replied, with Sam responding: "Great! Now, I have something to live for."

Talking to PEOPLE about his Grey's newcomer, Page suggested that he and Jo (Camilla Luddington) "strike up a very genuine relationship" in this storyline.

"We have a lot of good conversations and everything that starts kind of on the surface really goes deeper as the long run in the hospital [continues]," he teased.

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Page added that shooting the scene with Luddington before Sam goes for his operation was "so fun, because it was almost as if, going into surgery, Sam is in a mindset of: 'Here I go. I'm going to jump off this mountain, spread my wings, and hopefully survive this.'

"He's cavalier in that moment too, but there's some real fear."

With Atticus 'Link' Lincoln (Chris Carmack) struggling to find the right moment to express his feelings for Jo as the pair grow closer, could there now be something developing between Jo and Sam?

Grey's Anatomy season 19 airs on Thursdays on ABC in the US. The show streams on Disney+ in the UK, where new episodes premiere on Wednesdays.

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