Grimes promises to ‘cap the disarray’ at Coachella this weekend

Grimes has promised fans she will “cap the disarray” at Coachella this weekend following her disastrous show at the festival last week.

The 36-year-old singer took to the stage at the music event held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, last weekend but was left frustrated and embarrassed after her set was mired in technical issues.

Now, Grimes has assured fans her next performance at weekend two of the festival will be much better as she has rehearsed every moment over and over.

Taking to X, she wrote: “Whose ready for Coachella weekend 2?

“I will cap the disarray at a maximum ten seconds per song - I don’t know if there's ever been a more rehearsed or fine tuned grimes set [sic]. And I made another blackpink remix for good measure [sic].”

Grimes was left screaming with frustration after equipment issues forced her to restart her song ‘Music 4 Machines’ several times, and was left dismayed due to her backing tracks playing at double speed.

She said: “This is insane. All my tracks are double the tempo. This is a difficult thing to explain but we’re having a major technical error.

“Don’t judge me for being bad a calculating things. All my tracks are double tempo and I can’t do the math. They’re borderline un-mixable, so the rest of my set won’t be mixes but it’ll still be fun.”

After her catastrophic performance, the ‘Shinigami Eyes’ hitmaker apologised to disappointed fans on X - the social media platform formerly known as Twitter which was bought and renamed by her ex-partner Elon Musk, the father of her two children.

She posted: “I want to apologise for the technical issues with the show tonight. I wanted to come back [really] strong and usually I always handle every aspect of my show myself – to save time this was one of the first times I’ve outsourced essential things like rekordbox bpms and letting someone else organise the tracks on the sd card etc.

“I had a bad feeling beforehand not having run everything thru the cdjs myself and tho [though] I flagged it I wasn’t insistent. The big lesson for me was a mix of...

“1 If u want it done right, do it yrself. 2 Be a c- even if ppl feel bad. 3 Probably pretend it’s fine and engage w [with] the crowd rather than spend a whole show slumped over the desk trying to fix software when ur [your] meant to be entertaining [sic].

“I will personally organise all the files next week. I will not let such a thing happen again.

“I’ve spent months on this show, making music and visuals, and admittedly am not in the best mood atm [at the moment]."