Grimsby boxer Max Shaw, 17, defends championship belt and looks to go professional

Grimsby boxing sensation Max Shaw has defended his 63.5kg East Midlands Youth Championship Belt after a stunning victory against a challenger in Boston.

Max, 17, also known as Maxi, is looking to fend off more challengers and keep the belt outright - with the eventual goal of moving up a weight class and turning professional. He trains at Mighty Mariners Boxing Academy on Tunnard Street in East Marsh and won his first belt in 2022.

Since then, he has become even more adept in the ring and won three belts in total. He'll be defending the 63.5kg Youth Championship Belt for a second time in Derby later this month.


Talking after the latest victory against challenger Harley Magney from Earl Shilton on April 27, Maxi said: "After losing in a tight bout a couple of years back I was keen to dominate Magney. He claimed he was ‘63.5kg King’ so that was all the motivation I needed to make sure he had zero success in the ring with me."

He added: "I would like to thank my sponsors at Unit Power Services and Gaz Horton who gave up his Saturday night to coach me and proved to be incredibly helpful with his advice."

Despite being previously defeated by Magney, Maxi achieved an unanimous decision win, retaining his title. Gaz [Gary] Horton is one of the coaches and owners of Mighty Mariners Boxing Academy.

Maxi's dad, Ben Shaw, said: "It's something Grimsby should be really proud of because East Midlands is one of the biggest regions. He's looking to keep the belt outright - you retain it if you successfully defend it three times."

He added: "When he's in the ring and he's winning, that's when he gets the plaudits. But for me, it's not so much about winning, it's the hard work he puts in.

"What makes me proud is that he didn't stop. That, and the resilience he has shown, is what makes me proud as a parent. When someone is a success, people always say they've 'come out of nowhere', but it's 11 years of hard work and going to the gym three times a week."