Grimsby town centre McDonald's reopens after multi-day closure

McDonald's supervisor and area manage Ben Norvock outside the Grimsby town centre restaurant which has reopened after a water leak
-Credit: (Image: Grimsby Live)

Bosses at a Grimsby McDonald’s restaurant opened its doors this morning after a four-day closure due to a water leak.

Hundreds of competitors and supporters in today’s Orsted Grimsby 10K were seen enjoying the hospitality of the popular restaurant in Victoria Street. Customers had been continuously walking past the premises over the past four days eagerly awaiting the completion of repairs by engineers, so they could try McDonald’s newly-updated menu including the 'Hat Trick' burger and Skittles McFlurry.

Before it reopened, some eager customers had reportedly been walking past each window with a “CLOSED” sign on it trying the locked doors, which also had signs indicating the closure.


Supervisor and area manager Ben Norvock said: “We were delighted to be open for 6am to welcome all the people in the 10K. That was important to us. We were glad to be able to invite them in." Engineers did not finish the repairs until after midnight last night, he added.

Mr Norvock said the 75 staff who work at the Grimsby town centre restaurant were provided with work at two others McDonald’s eateries in the area.

“We were determined no one would lose out on hours or pay.”

Aside from during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is the first time the venue has been closed for four days throughout its near-40 year history. Bosses are gearing up for the major landmark in December.