Group spotted in dangerous Nuneaton pool next to 'no swimming sign'

Swimmers were spotted in Ensors Pool yesterday (May 5)
Swimmers were spotted in Ensors Pool yesterday (May 5) -Credit:Submitted to CoventryLive

Walkers were left horrified after spotting a group cooling off in a dangerous Nuneaton pool. Several people were seen in the freezing cold water at Ensors Pool yesterday afternoon (May 5).

Another was stood on the rocks, a place where there have been incidents of teens tombstoning into the water in the past. It appears that repeated pleas to stay away from the water are falling on deaf ears.

Police and the borough council are acutely aware of the dangers posed by the pool, which has deep, freezing cold water and potential machinery at the bottom. In recent years emergency services were called after five children were left in distress in the water at the pool off Heath End Road, and, sadly, there have been several tragic deaths with the most recent in 2013 when 19-year-old Jake Butler lost his life after getting into trouble in the water.

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While it is not illegal to swim in the water, police, fire and council bosses have repeatedly urged people not to venture into the water, however tempting it may be on a warm, sunny day.

It got to the stage in 2021 where fire crews were staging training in the water in a bid to deter people but people, including children, have continued to take a dip in the water. It is not just in the warm weather.

Last December, 999 calls were made after a group of people were spotted swimming in the ice cold waters in the pool.

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